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“A new model for patient wellness”      The eastern approach in conjunction with traditional western theories, offer relief and designed to address the discomforts from the pain-anxiety, nausea and insomnia (being sleep deprived adds to the stress.) Poor breathing-decrease anxiety by learning to breath correctly, this in itself is a stress release.


Incorporate the following programs to your lifestyle.

EXERCISE- Being physically active and not overweight can help prevent disease and cancer. Enable one  to handle crises better (operations).
MEDITATION- Learn to switch off. Not having too many thoughts especially negative thoughts.    Quiet and serenity, learn different types of tequniques available that work for your body.

YOGA-  Incorporate meditation in your yoga class.

AROMATHEROPY-  Only use senses made up of oils that have a calming effect on you, different sense agree and appeal to our senses effecting us in a different manner. The sensation of  smell is another area which helps and can agree with your sensations-enjoying the  calming effect for mind and body.

HYPNOSIS-  When meditation takes you deep enough to make you fall off to sleep unconsciously-   completely relaxing your mind and body (helps with stress).

SPIRITUALITY-  Your fears and hopes for a positive outcome, to believe……..


Truth is as emotional as we are the stresses we encounter each day:  With confidence and our ability to fight and win by taking charge (not building stress after stresses, to compound our problems). Make the difference. Thus  it is critical to feed your mind with positive experiences for those who are fighting     (your battles with) cancer.

Fighting Cancer is Mental  (and can make the battle a difference-look that which is positive).

The importance of all the factors causing cancer, psychological factors i.e. negative thoughts and emotions, lack of love in relationships, you own self life fears, constant eternal stresses or a stressful environment. The environment and pressures of everyday life with deadline commitments and lack of exercise, presents stresses-these stresses (factors) destroy initialize the natural frequency in our bodies.
Do Your Part accomplish what is good for you-Act positively, (keep the company of those who appreciate you). Avoid the negative stresses, find happiness, conquer anxiety and depression.

Stress will deplete your body of critical nutrients and increase oxidative stresses-free radical damage.
A  “Zen” Concept:
Cancer Patients-look to (Zen: decrease the anxiety, ways to also reduce pain.),Mind fullness, Meditation, Reiki, Aromatherapy are all good measures to release stress, creating an environment to relax, mind and body.

THE GOAL for “ZEN CANCER CENTERS”, (Cancer Prevention Worldwide-set up and create advantages.)

Massage:    Why have a massage-  University of Miami School of Medicine Massage; has a profound and powerful positive effect on stress reduction. Showing the difference massage can help naturally improves your immune system. In a way that assists your body in the elimination of stored toxins; massage overall enhances health and improves blood flow when done correctly. Relieving pain through massage will also help improve your sleep. The use of massage for Cancer Patients as a caring, intervention for pain-control prove to have benefits (as touch is important.) This helps patients from going into anxiety, depression and isolation. Dealing with chronic pain as well as their illness (Cancer) at the same time; the use of massage becomes effective, by decreasing the pain-showing positive improvements.  When massaging the foot receptors the release is great and relieves pain and anxiety. “Reflexology beginning in the 1900’s, is positive-effective when pressure is applied at the reflex points-Relief.”





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