Cancer Center

Solutions when buying fruits and vegetables.

Know what you are buying?
Remember farmers who do not properly prepare the soil and who use chemical fertilizers grow weak / poor nutritionally deficient vegetables. They will therefore resort to using pesticides. These farmers create poor quality / sick plants with nutrient-deficiencies and sold to you with little or no value.
Rich soil that is high in nutrients will be directly related, create vegetables and fruits with high in nutrition value. When grown in this rich soil, no need for chemicals as they will resist insects too.  Healthy vegetables and fruits have nutrients to help create healthy bodies.  (view section on this website

Health problems begin with our intake of foods; foods that are nutritionally deficient have no benefit to our health and wellbeing. We may even get sick from the pesticides.

Eat the freshest and most nutritious produce you know to maintain your health.   


Juice Bars?  are opening up in more places:

Locating a juice bar near you enables you and more likely for you to drink juices often (every day juicing is great for you, juicing for yourself is ideal.) Look for cold pressed juices to get the most nutrients out of the fruits and vegetables. There are many combinations of juices, order ones with benefits towards fighting cancer.

Exercise programs to suit everyone!
Today we have created more opportunities, for those specifically who are overweight. Offering an environment i.e. all overweight people-that meets their comfort zone and not being embarrassed to work out. The benefits of exercise become an important part of our life for each one of us to partake. In so doing we need to create more positive outlets, for the mind and strength in our bodies that are functioning, optimally.

Your Environment (Home.)

The importance of looking at all aspects to help improve /prevent cancer.

Your home as well as your products you use around the house e.g. your furniture, cleaning items, filters make a difference. Important to find out if any of these products may cause problems in your health and lifestyle. Worthy to review and prevent possible cancers.

Solution: 1. Read labels on your content on furniture and bed.

2. Water filters and air filters replaced properly.

3. Cleaning products with fewer chemicals that may be harmful (replace with natural.)

4. Use of green labels and green built homes.


Worldwide we Look for Preventative Products etc…

We source foods around the world that go into natural products to produce preventative opportunities to help fight diseases like cancer. Remember we need to go everywhere to find and reach our goals to prevent cancer. Different places and countries have the possibility to bring us a product or avenue; some examples are.

  1. Turmeric from Hawaii is more potent.
  2.  South America has
  3. China
  4. Australia 
Takes on the idea worldwide going everywhere to help find benefits for cancer prevention worldwide.


Lemons-what is in it for You?

Diseases like scurvy has been prevented by high doses (1000 mg daily) of vitamin C, other types of disease have worked too with vitamin C. Remember the body only absorbs 20% of the tablet form.

Regarding cancer, doctors have found that taking large amounts of vitamin C can help the body heal from cancer; vitamin C is a big factor boosting the immune system. The antioxidants of the vitamin C give our body a boost taking 1000-3000mg of vitamin C. Other types of diseases that vitamin C helps prevent, cataracts, healing after surgery, help body fight cancer.

Vitamin C is a versatile antioxidant that the body needs. We have to absorb vitamin C to be effective and  because we only absorb 20% of what we take in. (Taking 1000mg will result / absorb 200mg)take the right amount for You.

There is more information / possibilities on the healing of vitamin C to reduce inflammation. DNA damaged cells release large amounts of free radicals which cause inflammation, it causes neurological problems too. So vitamin C can help reduce free radicals in your body.

“Lemons” fighting foods for cancer is “miraculous product to kill cancer cells”-stated from Institute of Health Science, Baltimore