Cancer Center

NUTRITION - the role and possible ways of the prevention regarding Cancer.

The goal regarding nutrition the role in which it plays to help prevent Cancer.

Foods Fighting Cancer-

Foods that possibly slow down the cancerous process,  (progression). Some foods have shown to slow or fight cancer, to find what is good for you.

Natural healthy ways that’s easy to understand and follow, making them an important part of our lifestyle. Introducing the a way of nutrition for those experiencing and introduced for the first time, while others experienced can see the benefits and look to prevent cancer and other diseases.

“The WORLD Health Organization admits 70% of All Cancers”  can be Prevented through simple changes of FOOD and LIFESTYLE.
We want to be aware of the foods we eat on a daily basis  -  Foods make a difference.        

To Help, Curtail & Prevent Cancer: A Dietary protocol (as well as many other sources)  of juicing once a day with intake of vegetables-to strengthen your body for good mental ability, to help stress, help maintain your right body weight to function optimally.  Look to the following food to consider in you daily diet to help Prevent Cancer.

Vegetables-make this an important part of your diet: Raw vegetables, Raw salads, Steamed  vegetables and Soups with vegetables.

Sprouts –There are many types, source them and include them in  your diet . examples are alpha  sprouts, radish sprouts & broccoli sprouts, these are all good sources .

Green leafy vegetables-  Chard, Spinach, Kale, Collard, Lefy vegetables; the cabbage family –Bok Choy,  Brussels sprouts & Chinese cabbage.

Juicing- Vegetable juices once a day and some fruit juices-have this part of a program to help.

Beans-These are helpful food fighting compound, the darker colored ones and red beans are preferred.

Organics-where possible Raw organic foods are preferred.

Remember-the idea is to eat a variety of   no single food alone will accomplish the goal for fighting Cancer. We hope to bring you more helpful food fighting cancers, insights and facts posted or at events.

The Water we drink
We depend on our body to flush out toxins with our water intake.  Having an alkaline based system helps fight off cancer as the cancers thrive in an acid base. Your water should be less acidic and less toxic.

Our Health Crisis-The Food is directly attributed to the circumstances and outcome of  Our Health. Our food is not doing its job due to the serious deficiencies or total lack of nutrients. This is not helping yet our statistics show that Cancer is on the rise. Nutrients are essential to our good health.  The National Cancer Institute estimates that half of all Cancers are diet related.   

Get professional guidance on nutrition and other sources for ways to reduce and prevent you from getting Cancer. (Now, times are different to what we experienced growing up, like the circumstances of the rise of cancer as we know it Today. )

Taking on many facets to create the most impact on a healthy lifestyle-

Nutrition  /  Stress Management  /  Yoga / Aromatherapy/  Breathing Technique/ De-tox / Sleep

In doing so you should be able to lead a healthier life to live optimally to fight disease-Cancer where possible . Nutritionist/ Nutrition find a good program that works for you, it is a continual life committing and continual learning process. A journey for the good. (Improve Your  immune system, Avoiding free radicals in your body mutating. Be on committed program for Prevention ongoing.) 

Sugars , Breads and products known to generate cancer cells, should be avoided so cells don’t multiply. Without knowing it you may be eating foods that are fueling cancer. Make known by reading labels and avoid what are concerns.  Impart and minimize the amount of processed foods in your diet.

Self Care:  To Prevent and where possible reverse (other) medical problems.    Don’t make poor choices with your Health. (A poor statistic of unhealthy living.)