Talks with God

Let us talk with God:  Lord, You have been called "The Great Physician" and so You are!  Help us to be little physicians to one another." Amen


Talks with God is a book of prayers offered at Rotary meetings from 1986 to 2009.

Since 1986 Pastor Click has been giving prayers at the Rotary Club of Los Angeles (LA5), and he was surprised at the positive reaction from Rotarians regarding the invocations. People are often reluctant to make statements in regard to their reactions to prayers, but like one of our members said, he had attended countless meetings where prayers had been given, and ..."sometimes", he said, " I was reluctant to listen". He continued, "Your prayers are brief, direct, humerous, with appropriate reference to the speaker / subject, or the status of the community or the world, so I began to listen".

Pastor Click never considered having these prayers in print, even when Rotarians urged him to publish his prayers, since he did not take them seriously. Because of the continued prodding of Rotary members, these prayers are now offered in print in the hope that they may help people in general.

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