Talks with God

This little book of prayers is dedicated in memory of...
Randal James Lee (1953 - 2008)

About the Book

The prayers in this book were given in the presence of notable people including a President to be, Ronald Regan; comedian Bob Hope; Art Linkletter;, syndicated columnist Ann Landers; inventors and artists; CEO's and entrepreneurs; scientists; physicians; educators; USA military leaders; California Governors and officials; City of Los Angeles Mayors and officials; Tommy LaSorda and Vin Scully of the Dodgers; Chick Hern and Jerry West of the Lakers; legendary basketball coach John Wooden; Rotary Internation Presidents and officials; ahtletes and even a cardinal!

Among those mentioned, Art Linkletter asked for a copy of the prayer from the Rotary meeting he attended; Ann Landers gave Pastor Click a kiss on the cheek after the prayer at the Rotary meeting she attended!


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