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Let us talk with God: Lord, help us to come alive with the sound of music, Your gift for humankind!  Bless composers, musicians, and teachers who use the talents You have given them.  And, help each of us to sound a positive note in a world that could use a measure of encouragement. Amen

About the Author

Labeled the “architect” of the United Lutheran Church in America’s church-wide evangelism mission, Pastor Click practiced evangelism in his own pastorate in two suburban congregations and three central city churches, his ministry taking him from coast to coast. While Associate Director of Evangelism for his church body, he directed evangelism missions across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, throughout Argentina, teaching thousands of pastors and lay people the theology and practice of evangelism.

As a retired pastor, he continues an active ministry as an Evangelism Specialist, guest preacher, lecturer in his life-long thrust of evangelism. The author of sseven books and co-author of seven volumes of THROUGH THE BIBLE – BOOK BY BOOK, Pastor Click writes in a style that makes us feel we can understand what really motivates people.


His prayer practices caused fellow Rotarians to request the publication of his club invocations TALKS WITH GOD. As one club president put it, “…his pithy, succinct strategic prayers … often entertain, frequently encourage, and always inspire.” (Lee A. Jackman). Another club president stated “…he has delivered impassioned, laconic, witty, and program-perfect messages that have caused more smiles than most past presidents” (Donald J. Robinson).

Pastor Click has traveled extensively on lecture assignments and as chaplain on numerous cruise ships, and on his 80th birthday went around the world by himself, preaching in Africa and Japan.

Born on a farm near Springfield, Ohio, Pastor Click won a city-wide elementary school prize for his painting of an Indian, won a city-wide math contest, won a District contest in typing, won first prize for his prize pig at a Clark County Fair (4H Club), was a basketball star in high school and played on the varsity team of Wittenberg University, pitched a no-hitter high school softball game, won a Clark County high school tennis championship, won a city horseshoe contest with 67% ringer average, and graduated from Wittenberg University and Hamma Divinity Theological School, where he said “I didn’t win anything except a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree!” Married to a Phi Beta Kappa with a major in Bible, Bunny and Dale were married 52 years before her untimely death in 1996. Her last words to him were “keep going”. Pastor Click, now 90, says that is what he has tried to do. “The ministry is my life and writing is my heart-beat. I am most grateful for opportunities to proclaim.”

Books written by Pastor E. Dale Click.

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