Myanmar Compassion Project, Inc.

Myanmar Compassion Project (MCP) is a service company providing orphan care, medical care, training and equipping those who are involved in orphan care, literature development, and media & community development. Services include mobile health clinics, medicine kits, bicycles, books (libraries), sports equipment, toys and guitars. Additionally, MCP provides an array of health related items such as bed nets, hygiene kits (soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, blankets and mats). Supported orphanages are encouraged to become more self-sustaining through the development of their own small businesses. Therefore, training in income generation and basic accounting is available and income-generation loans (interest free) may be granted. From inception, we have worked with MCP to help identify and screen solid candidate orphanages for our water systems. No Rotary monies pass through or are controlled by MCP. All build decisions are made by our on-ground team, led by J.T. Warring.