Myanmar Water Project History

History of the Rotary Myanmar Orphanages Water Management Systems Project

In March 2005, LA5 Rotarian JT Warring founded a Rotary project which has, to date, erected safe “water-on-demand” systems at 22 private orphanages in Myanmar. At least 100 more are needed, and Rotary’s commitment is to build them all, if we can!

Starting from a proven tube well yielding treatable water, Rotary installs piping, a compressor, generator (many orphanages do not have consistent public power), a 1500-gallon ground holding and de-sedimentation tank, a 22’ foot, virtually-indestructible derrick tower topped by two 500-gallon blue plastic tanks. The compressor draws water up from the well and transfers it laterally to the ground tank, where sedimentation is removed. The pump then lifts it atop the derrick, whence water is gravity-fed as needed to triple takeoff destination for, respectively, food preparation and drinking, bathing and laundering, and irrigating sustenance crops grown by most orphanages.