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Dearest Friends,

Greetings of peace and love from Fr. Dominic K. Arputham, brother of Fr. Arul Raj. Hope you enjoy in the best of your health. I am trying to recuperate little by little. I believe that your prayer and blessings would give me the necessary strength to take courage in order to continue my life with the dreams and wishes of my beloved big brother Fr.Raj. I consider you as Godsent angel to comfort us in the most difficult moment of our life by your prayerful concern. Thank you very much for your loving and generous support to “Miracles possible” foundation of my brother Fr. Raj.

The all to sudden death of my beloved brother Rev. Fr. Arul Raj due to cerebral hemorrhage on 6 Dec. 2007 at the young age of 43 has been too rude a shock to me, to my family and to you, his friends in Christ Jesus whose nerves have been shattered completely. If we have survived, I, for one, firmly believe it is due wholly and entirely to the sympathy and the super abundant emotional support of priest and sisters who came, in record number, to participate in the funeral service on 7 Dec. 2007. Your presence in person and in spirit and the words of consolation have been more than a balm of healing to me and to my family.

Sadayampatti, the place of my brother’s birth, is situated in the District of Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu, and the southern state of India. This countryside is most pleasing environment, but is very poor and without beauty in the economical perspective. Our Catholic Parish, Oliamangalam made a golden impression inside and out- a true picture of Catholism. Fr.Raj was born on Aug. 18, 1964, and had his early schooling in the native Town unto 10th grade. He entered into apostolic school, when he was fourteen, the beginning of his priestly vocation in 1979. He joints the seminary in 1982. He did his B. Ph and B. Th, and was ordained to priesthood on April 28, 1992.

He was appointed as the prefect of the minor seminary at the Diocesan headquarters, Thanjovur for a period of one year. He was sent as a missionary to Philippines when he was just eight months old priest 1993 where he worked and impressed the people of God with God experience in their own Language and dialects. He loved Pilipino people and owned them as his own, and in turn they owned him as their own priest and friend. He was sent for higher studies to St. Catherine Laboure Church,

L.A., and CA. USA IN 1997-2000. He did his master’s degree in Pastoral theology in LMU. He has worked as the Dean of studies in Marian institute of Theology in Vailankkanni from 2000-2002, as the Pastor of Our Lady of Refuge Church at Thirumayam from 2002-2004 and from there he was promoted as the executive secretary for Bible and Catechism for “All India Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India” [CCBI] 2004-2007.

Now, I feel it to be duty to write my Brother Fr. Raj’s history, for I am convinced that all of you will be filled with greater or renewed zeal and joy, if you can recognize the hand of God and each one of His single favors through my brother. It seems to me that you even have a right, as loving and faithful friends of Fr.Raj, to know all of his missions he has started and handed them over to you to carry on in the years to come. It would be an injustice on my part if I withheld these facts from you.

I was always aware that Fr. Raj was an instrument in the hands of God, and that God’s favors ware not in the least meant for him personally, but solely for the work, which His abundant kindness and mercy had entrusted to him. He has a big heart for the Deaf and mute children, who are abandoned by their parents, started a school “O.L.R. Home for Children” from his Trust “Miracles possible.” He has more than 80 Kids who have speech and hearing impairments. They are kept in the Home established by Fr.Raj [at present they are in a rented home] and they are given speech and hearing therapies. There are six teachers, four baby sitters and one principal [all of them are female] to take care of the kids.

Please remember, that the lowliness of Jesus later became the great glory of Him. Quite often, this thought fill my mind when I think of Fr. Raj who encourage and ask me to trust in God whenever I am downhearted and deeply saddened because of his physical absence to me. I am going to tell you that with joyful heart I am going to write the biography of my loving brother Rev. Fr. Arul Raj, specially about the major events in his life and special favors he had from the Lord, I have noted down as his small beloved brother.

Sentiments cannot speak the language of words. Literally, I have no words to give expression to my sentiments of appreciation and gratitude for the great comfort, consolation and the strength you have given my family and me by your prayers. Please accept my humble and sincere thanks, which, you may rest, assured, come from the depth of my heart. I also thank you for the memorial mass, arranged by you for the repose of the soul of my beloved brother Fr. Raj. I will extremely happy and grateful if you can make it convenient for you to offer a mass or participate in the mass and pray for his soul and for all of us.

Yours Sincerely

Rev. Fr. Dominic K. Arputham.



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