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I am Fr. Dominic Kennedy Arputham, a native of India, interested in the efforts of bringing spiritual and socio-political awareness among the people of all kinds throughout the world through prayers, writings and preaching. I am interested to bring the spiritual treasures of the East to men and women of this planet. I have produced 6 Christian music Albums for Catholic Liturgical and devotional purposes. My Music Albums are unique in its style and nature, while my Divine Mercy Music Album [“Irai Iraqamae”] has become the bestseller among the Tamil Catholics throughout the world.

I too have published and translated few Catholic books, while my NEW ANSWERS TO THE OLD QUESTIONS is unique in its purpose of answering Neo-Pentecostal attacks or questions on the basic teachings of the Mother Catholic Church. I have tried to disprove their accusations by quoting and explaining from the Bible. As the Christian Churches always try to quote from OLD TESTAMENT and forget or conveniently ignore the NEW TESTAMENT to attack the teachings of the Catholic Church, I have rightly quoted the Bible to prove the authenticity of the Catholic faith. We should keep in mind “Even the Devil can quote from the Bible” as he did it to Jesus, son of God, to tempt Him to drift away from His Mission [Ps 91:11-12=Mtt4:6-7].

At present, I am doing my higher studies in professional journalism [print, audio and visual media journalism] in view of exercising my mission of evangelization through media in my Diocese or in the region, Tamil Nadu, India. I stay and work with the great missionary minded and beloved pastor Monsignor Liam Kidney in Corpus Christi Parish, Pacific Palisades, CA-90272. I enjoy my stay with Monsignor, Fr,Alosyius and Loving Faithful of this parish.

I am more than delighted to reach you through my website to share my spiritual and social experiences and to let people know what is going on in the Mother Catholic Church right now. I will try update weekly Catholic News, Youth spirituality, My Mission with orphans and Sundays and holidays reflections to help the youth of today to come close to their real Lover of Hearts, JESUS. Assured of my prayers and Christian solidarity with you.

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