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Our expertise in residential and commercial landscape design is individually tailored
to increase the enjoyment of your residence and to enhance your life style.
us your affordable, personal "one-stop-shop", a place where you can pick and choose according to your needs. You may need our services to create a brand-new design plan, or you may already have one from an outside designer or landscape architect, which now needs to be implemented. Maybe your outdoor space is as flawless as it
can be, and you are simply looking for somebody qualified to maintain it.

When considering the installation of a new garden, evaluate how it will be used. Whatever the intended use, proper design, plant selection, installation and maintenance will ensure a healthy garden and reduced costs for years to come. Whether you want to attract birds, impress the neighbors, or create fanciful outdoor recreation areas for your children or grandchildren, our extraordinary designers can help you pull it together so that it really works. Visit our Gallery to see pictures of our projects, and be inspired. A well designed and properly installed landscape will provide years of enjoyment, visual interest, and will increase the value of your property.


Your all-inclusive landscape consultation will assist you in discovering what your landscape requires, and can be arranged according to your schedule and at your convenience, weekdays or weekends.

During our initial visit, we will discuss any ideas you may have, and will help you
decide what is best suited for your landscape and individual lifestyle. If you find
the time, we suggest that you prepare yourself with photographs from garden magazines, books, websites, or by viewing our gallery page. However, if you prefer
to be less involved, have no time, or if that sort of thing generally bores you, along the lines of "just put something green there" - our dependable experts will just as well produce a one of a kind, beautiful, and durable landscape for your property.

At our first visit we will conduct a basic site analysis, photo documentation and a complete evaluation of the area where you want to install. Within 3-5 business days
we will provide an estimate showing all the components that were discussed during
the consultation. This estimate is flexible and can be modified to accommodate your financial budget, or can be broken down into phases that can be implemented at your own pace. There are never any billing surprises with us, and you will feel confident and well taken care of in our expert hands. Upon your approval, your customized landscape concept will be developed with all guidelines in place.


Do you have a preference when it comes to plants? What kind of look, or what garden style do you desire? Native, Mediterranean, desert, southwest, tropical, edible, formal?  Do you envision an English cottage or rose garden, a butterfly or container garden, a succulent garden? Or do you long for something more Asian, contemporary or modern along the lines of a minimalist Zen garden?

Landscape concept plans are used to ascertain what landscape styles can be used to best suit your taste, lifestyle and the individual architectural elements of your property. Sunland Design brings a team of experts to your project who work with you as they create your plans. Move a tree, add a pond, widen a path - your ideas from start to finish.
No surprises. We work around your schedule and bring the design process to you.
At the end of the conceptual design phase, which will continue until all components are satisfactory to you, you will be presented with a drawing that can either be computer generated (CAD) or sketched by hand.


Once the design phase is completed you are one step closer to having your own exquisite slice of paradise. We build and install designs created not only by our own innovative designers, but also those brought to us by our clients from outside designers and landscape architects. In every case, we seek out materials and specimen plants
of the highest quality and install them under the careful supervision of qualified members of our installation team.

If you are interested in having us provide an estimate for installing a plan another designer or landscape architect has prepared for you, feel free to contact us at any time. You also have the option to do the installation on your own. Some clients hire us strictly for design work, but most clients like the fact that we can handle their project start to finish, and the convenience of dealing with just one provider.


You may wonder what the word hardscape actually means. A simple definition would be all inanimate elements of landscaping that are not plantings or soil. Masonry work, woodwork, structures, patios, decks, retaining walls, and walkways made with "hard" materials would all be considered part of the hardscape.

Sloping sites can often benefit from the construction of retaining walls to provide more level areas for planting and other uses. Walls are one of the most popular and useful hardscape additions to a landscape. Our helpful hardscape experts can provide you with a multitude of options for decks, walls, pathways, fences, paving, bed edges, and stepping stones, made of flagstone, concrete, brick, granite, gravel, wood, steel, iron, vinyl, and more.

Wooden structures can be used in the garden to provide support for plant material and to define elements of outdoor rooms. The trellis becomes a wall, the arbor a door, the pergola a roof - a gazebo combines all of these. Our accomplished, creative carpenters provide the proper design and building techniques necessary for the successful assembly of these exquisite projects.


Latest advances in irrigation technology, such as weather sensitive controllers,
allow for a precise delivery of water with very little waste. Our irrigation experts offer impeccable personalized service and top quality work at the most reasonable price.

There is a wide range of options from traditional systems to low-volume irrigation, like drip and micro-spray systems. Whether you need to create an entire irrigation system from the ground up, or modify your existing one, we can recommend the best type and style to match your home's landscaping needs and your budget.


Adding a fountain, pond, waterfall, or stream to your landscape design is a magical combination of rocks, plant textures and liquid motion which you will enjoy all year round. Today's pond systems are owner-friendly, affordable, natural looking, and
come with less maintenance time than before.

Do you live near a busy street or freeway? Plagued by that noisy neighbor? Homeowners have reported to us that a major benefit of owning a pond waterfall is
the fact that it significantly reduces traffic noise. Pond waterfalls actually help decrease
the sounds near your home, giving you the backyard oasis you thought wasn't possible
due to unwanted noise.


Low voltage landscape lighting systems are safe, economical, energy efficient and provide numerous benefits for modern homeowners. Lighting can be used to provide safe access near paths, driveways and entry areas. Outdoor lighting increases security by discouraging potential intruders. And the beauty of garden and home can be dramatically enhanced by showcasing architectural and plant features with ingenious lighting techniques, adding that extra flair.

One common technique is uplighting, which focuses light and attention on an object from a low fixture location. The object can be a shrub, tree or architectural feature like
a statue, gazebo or arbor. Path lighting uses low fixtures, which direct illumination down and outward. These fixtures are shielded on top to prevent glare. They are used along walkways, stairs and anywhere else that safe nightly access is required. Sunland Design can provide a combination of these techniques to increase both your home security and your continued enjoyment.


One of the most effective high impact garden design devices used by professionals
is the careful placement of garden elements. Creating focal points in a garden gives
the eye an object to rest upon, allowing time to visually slow down and explore that portion of the garden. It can create a destination in your garden or a place to 'arrive'
as you experience the garden.

A destination can be as simple as a bench at the end of a garden path or maybe
a pond near a patio, or perhaps it's a covered arbor/pergola with seating to relax
and enjoy the views. Common non-plant elements such as fountains, statuary,
pottery, large rocks, birdbaths, sculptures, or sundials can make all the difference
in how inviting your garden will be to you and your visitors.


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