My name is Amanda Jones and I'm a “herb nerd” extraordinaire. Whether it's wild food foraging with plant identification, plant spirit medicine, or preparing those scrumptious foraged goodies into many different cuisines and concoctions, then I'm there ready to go!

With over twenty years of experience as an Educator, I raise people's awareness and participation in their natural world. You'll benefit from my hands-on approach and expertise as a Certified California Naturalist, and Usuï Reiki Master while on our plant id/nature hikes. Being a smart phone wiz with the latest App gadgetry may make you a hit on Social Media, but won't extend your survival even ten seconds when the zombies attack or, more seriously, if a major earthquake hits our area.

My outings are for the true beginner as well as the advanced. I take people where there are so if you simply want the “science”, great.  Do you want to learn plant folklore? Then that is also not an issue. Want to know how to actually communicate with plants? I've got you covered there as well. My laid back, humorous plant id walks and workshops will get you loving nature and preparing true organic snacks and/or meals for even the pickiest of eater.

I will be having other plant id walks that include plant id, foraging and mediations. Stay tuned as my husband, Stephen Bradley Jones, a spiritual healer, will join us during those selected events and lead the guided meditations.




B.A., Double Major, Biology and Secondary Education
 - Sterling College

Tenured Formal Teacher
Marine Science Educator


California Certified Naturalist

Certified Usui Reiki Master

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