"I teach an alternative high school program for teenagers who have not found success in traditional schools. The problems my students deal with involve a variety of issues, but the most common denominator is drug/alcohol abuse and having no real sense of their identity and life purpose. Over a six-month period, Sue Harrison worked with our students several days per week, in both group sessions and individually, and some wonderful growth and progress were realized. Sue's sincere, loving heart, coupled with her unswerving truthfulness were an effective combination for helping my students. She comforted and encouraged those students who needed uplifting, and fearlessly confronted those students whose defensive posturing and angry outbursts needed to be tamed. The key to Sue's success was her genuine commitment to helping our children - a commitment the children definitely felt - evidenced in her selfless giving of both time and personal resources. Sue is everything you could ask for in a counselor and addiction specialist: professional and appropriate in her demeanor, knowledgeable and skilled in her areas of expertise; pleasant and loving in her relationships with other staff, and a strong sense of moral courage and personal integrity. Sue would be a real blessing to anyone who worked with her. What is the best indicator of Sue's success at our school? Many of my students want to grow up to be just like her!"
Paul D. White - Teacher/Co-Founder, West Valley Leadership Academy - Canoga Park, CA

"A message to all: About the Woman who gave me my new beginning.
Through the years, from the age of 3 years to 52 years old, I have lived with physical and mental abuse and the shame that comes with it. I am a very good and giving person, but I drank myself into a bottle and became an alcoholic to survive and to find some solace. That’s were I hid for many years. After 26 years with no breakthrough in sight, I met Sue Harrison. With Sue, life became clear as day. Sue Harrison, with her insight to my soul, her honesty and clarity, passion and caring, instinct and intuitive talents, out of everyone, opened the door for me. I see life now; in it’s entirety, with all its faults and goodness. I hold no shame. I finally know my boundaries and how to keep myself intact and still give, without giving my soul away. I finally love myself. Thank you, Sue, for giving me back my life. It’s about time. I love you.
Theresa, Los Angeles

"As a licensed marriage and family therapist and certified life skills coach, I admire Sue’s expertise, sensitivity, and her ability to problem solve quickly. She has assisted me in making a career change, and to recognize and appreciate the transition period, as well as assisting me with setting achievable goals. Self-esteem and self-confidence are issues that I have encountered in this process, and Sue has offered support and encouragement by assisting me to address them along the way. The gifts that she brings to her profession and to all people that she comes in contact with are too numerous to mention. I bless the day that I found her."
Jo Ann F. MFT, West Hills

Sue, I just wanted to take a minute and let you know what an amazing person you are. You are one of the most genuine and good-hearted people I know, and I have a huge amount of respect and admiration for you. Thank you so much for listening to me with such empathy and genuine care and love. It makes me feel so special and I feel so much better after seeing you. You have helped me to bloom and become a more strong confident and beautiful person. Thank you so much for all you do, not just for me but for everyone. I truly feel it is people like you that make the world a better place. I know that you definitely make my world a better place.
R.G. Thousand Oaks

Sue, thank you for teaching me all of these life lessons. You are truly a wonderful person. Nobody can compare.
K.C. Manhattan Beach

”Sue Harrison is an incredible hypnotherapist. She has really helped me to overcome many obstacles in my life, and I am no longer using food to feed my emotions.”
Kellie K., Simi Valley, CA

“For years I had a problem picking my cuticles and Sue was amazing. She not only helped me to stop, but she taught me how to change my thinking. Her energy is amazing and I loved being with her.”
Tanya S., Tarzana, CA

"Even though I'd been acting for fifteen years, I still struggled with performance anxiety. During auditions and even on set, I often felt nervous, unsure of myself and my abilities. I met with Sue Harrison to help build my confidence, center my energy, and ease my nerves. I was positively, without a doubt, blown away by the effects of our first meeting. Sue was able to tap into my subconscious-the same subconscious that had been holding me back all those years-and get to the core of all my "issues". There was no magic wand or fancy drug. Just the power of hypnotherapy. The results were immediate: no more sweaty palms, aching stomachs, and sleepless nights, thank you very much! I've also found a deeper trust and security in who I am and what I can offer as an actress. Now, if someone so much as mumbles the word "hypnotherapy" within twenty feet of me I have to mention Sue Harrison and how gifted she is. I can't help myself! Sue is truly heaven sent."
Adrienne S., Los Angeles, CA


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