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The Ventura County Spartans is a club basketball program comprised of both boys and girls teams, 5th grade through High School. Spartan’s teams play in elite tournaments throughout Southern California, as well as out of state. In addition, High School teams play in college viewing tournaments in both the fall and in the spring/summer.

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Welcome To Spartans Basketball!

Hello Future Spartan!

I am more than excited to welcome you to the Spartans Basketball Program! I created this program for the development of youth basketball players in Ventura County. I am excited to share the knowledge I have accumulated with over 20 years of playing, training and coaching experience. I started training athletes in 1986 in East Lansing, Michigan and the athletic landscape has completely changed since then. Athletes are training and learning much younger. Our program starts as early as fourth grade and trains all the way through high school! These younger athletes now have access to the kind of systems, programs and fundamental training that propel them into advanced movement much earlier! How awesome! By the time a Spartan athlete reaches high school they are advanced in basketball fundamentals and footwork!

How Does Spartans Basketball Help You?

The first thing I need you to do is to get ready to add to your basketball knowledge. We believe in learning and training first. We want our athletes to increase in basketball ability over 100% each session!! The worst thing for you to do is enter a club program and not radically improve! Let’s face it, each athlete is trying to figure out how to get to the next level! So much of the information offered in the basketball community is not focused on your personal development. It is predominantly focused on winning championships and learning court structure and plays. These are very important. However at the youth level learning beginning fundamentals pushes each athlete towards intermediate fundamentals and then advanced – This should be the priority! This is our priority! Remember my priority is to make you play better! A lot better!

No Tryouts In The Ventura County Spartans Basketball Program!

You’ll never play better than after you have completed a year in the Spartans Program. Our program offers training and club basketball opportunities year round to boys and girls 4th grade through high school. I don’t believe in tryouts. I believe it is a coach’s responsibility to be able to offer an opportunity to train and develop any athlete who has the desire to play this magnificent game! We believe as coach’s we are here to meet the ever increasing needs of athletes. When you make a decision to be a Spartan we know that you chose us not vice versa. No matter what their age, skill or ability level, as long as the athlete has the inner desire to learn and progress the opportunities are endless and they are welcome in the Ventura County Spartans Program!

How Do You Develop Basketball Confidence?

If you make a decision to grow in your basketball education, your playing will become faster, stronger and you’ll play with a much clearer mind! Do you know what produces basketball confidence? Correct education. Correct education from a coach who is a teacher on the court, an educator first and believes strongly in the standards of basketball education produces amazing results for the basketball student. The same way you get confident learning math, reading or science is the same way you get confident learning basketball. You study. The more you study the more you learn. The more you learn the more confident you become.

Do You Know It Takes A Year To Get Past The Phases of Beginning Basketball?

Correct basketball education should be easily recognizable, efficient and instantly effective. This produces confidence. Some people say confidence is produced through playing. Although playing is fun and has its benefits, you are very limited in your development. It takes a year of training, tournaments, scrimmages and countless experiences to understand all the nuances of basketball. How many minutes are you actually spending on dribbling, shooting and correct defensive footwork. How many habits are you developing that are wrong? Shouldn’t you be spending this time under correct guidance and tutoring? Make a decision to grow in your basketball education and your playing will become confident, accurate, faster, stronger and you’ll play with a much clearer mind!

Parents! We Know This Is What You Are Looking For!

Our proven approach backed by hours of research and development of countless successful athletes in Ventura County allows us to keep having vision for more and more basketball players! We provide you with constant resources, tips, content and all the tools along the way that you will need for the success of your athletes. If you look at our section of signed athletes you can see the type of success we look forward to in the Ventura Spartans Basketball program. Go to our Parents Reference section to take a look at a list of extremely satisfied parents. Unfortunately some of you have spent money, traveled long distances and experienced club basketball programs that lack the ability to educate your athlete. I believe that will change when you come to the Spartans Basketball program.

Our Mission

Thank you for trusting in our program. Our passion and mission is to help you succeed in your basketball life. If you bring the will to learn then we promise that we won’t let you down.

Stuart Hicks
Ventura County Spartans Basketball