Theta Healing, created by Vianna Stibal, is a Spiritual Healing modality that utilizes deep meditation. This meditation takes a person into the Theta brainwave, which accesses both the dream state, and higher levels of human consciousness. A Theta state enables a practitioner to both witness and utilize the power of the Supremem Consciousness (or which ever term an individual is comfortable with, I refer to it as Creator). Theta works seamlessly with all religious practices. All that is required is a belief in Creator. It's surprising how many people claim to not believe in Creator, when they actually have an aversion certain religious viewpoints. In effect, they DO believe in Creator, but don't agree with how the concept was presented to them!

Lastly, Theta Healing works in complete harmony with all medical modalites: Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shamanistic Healing, Western Medicine, and many more.


David R. Hawkins was a Consciousness Pioneer! He utilized his Psychology background and expanded into the Spiritual relm. Hawkins specificallly taught a technique of surrendering negative beliefs and emotions. Surrendering  these negative energies enables us to make breakthroughs that maximize life outcomes. Integral to his Surrender Technique are the various calibrations of emotions spanning the negative emotion of Shame all the way up to the positive emotion of Enlightenment.




Usui Ryoho Reiki Healing is an energy healing modality meaning "Universal Source". Reiki utilizes a combination of sacred symbols and energy directed from the practitioners hands on specific areas of the body. Most often, there is no touching the patient involved. Japanese Bhuddist Mikao Usui (Usui Sensei) had a near death expericence in Tokyo during the late 1800's Cholera epidemic. After this life changing event he climbed Mt Kurama to seek out the answers of the Universe. Fasting for 21 days, he had a vision involving Sacred Symbols which rendered him unconscious. He awoke weakened from fasting, but in high spirits. Usui Sensei experienced four miracles during and after his decent of Mt Kurama. He then incorporated his immersion of the ancienct language of Sanskrit, the Zen Bhuddist faith, and Western Philosophy to cultivate this amazing healing modality. Usui Sensei created Reiki with the idea that it can and will work harmoniously with other healing modalities.



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