Dr. John Kelley Bio

As founder and Executive Director of the Brentwood Center Non Public School and the Brentwood Center for Educational Therapy for over twenty five years, Dr. Kelley has treated hundreds of students and adults, with an expertise in autism. The Brentwood Center included numerous residential facilities for developmentally disabled adults, an adult day care program, and the non-public school.

Dr. Kelley's expansive career includes the inception of one the first schools for autistic children in Japan, including lecture tours at Japanese universities, and a week long television special on his work with autism. He still welcomes visitors annually from Japan for consultation and to visit his current facility. Dr. Kelley has garnered numerous credentials and degrees, such as life credentials in special education, school administration, and social work, along with PH.Ds in clinical and school psychology. His most recent work includes consulting with special education schools in Veracruz, Mexico.