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PITCH2ME is an easy to read and practical film finance book that identifies the risk and their mitigants associated with film finance.  It's goal is to help filmmakers understand the needs and expectations of investors while educating investors desirous of understanding the film financing process. Readers will come away with  a comfort level that allows them to compare film finance with other alternative investments. This book is not designed as an exhaustive textbook, but a deal book.

PITCH2ME.NET has licensed the use of two financial analytical tools from FILMBANKERS International LLC:

FBIndex™  (Click here to view sample)
The FBIndex™ is a proprietary financial risk rating system that allows a client to quickly assess the investment worthiness of a potential film project as it is presented. It is an algorithm that measures, ranks, and scores the elements of the proposed project against historical data to assess the probability of success or failure.







Financial Ultimates. (Click here to view sample)
Financial Ultimates are ten-year financial projections based on independent cash-flow assumptions and historical peer performance. The Financial Ultimates detail the financial waterfalls from all revenue sources so the client can compare ROI (Return ON Investment) and IRR (Internal Rate Of Return) assumptions.

We are please to provide marketing services to Filmmakers and Investors alike. Just tell us what your needs are and will search our database to match you with deals that are tailored to your individual preferences.



The initial registration cost is $250.00 for each project for the first year.

Thereafter, an annual renewal fee of  $100.00 per year will be charged to your credit card or PayPal account for each project uploaded to the site.

WE win if YOU win! Therefore to aliign our interest with our clients, there is a 5% success fee upon funding of any project based on the amount raised through PITC2ME.NET. This fee should be includied in the budget andi is paiid at the time of the closing of escrow .

For each Pitch Video or Trailer uploaded to the Screening Room there is a fee of $100.00 monthly while it is in rotation, charged to your PayPal or credit card account.

Based on Investor selected criteria, we are able to match your project with investor’s interest. This is done on a case-by-case basis and priced based on scope of project.  Please email us with your request and we will put together a plan that suits your needs.

There is no charge to investors for the first year. After the first year there will be a subscription renewal fee of $125.00 per year

The FBIndex™ is owned and licensed through FILMBANKERS International LLC.

Based on intensive research, this sophisticated scoring system provides a quick and reliable way to determine whether a project has a high or low probability of success or failure before it is produced.
The cost of the FBIndex is: $5,000.00.

We have negotiated a great value with a third party to build the financial model based on the project elements. The cost of this service is only $7,500.00 for most projects.

Note: All pricing is subject to change without notice.


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