As a producer you may get solicited and unsolicited projects all the time. This requires an enormous amount of time and a resource from your CE’s to review. Would you like to streamline this process without having to send out volumes of turndown or pass letters? PITCH2ME can help!

PITCH2ME was designed and developed behind the notion that all deals are not created equal and thus should not have equal access! For this reason the power is now in your hands to only consider the projects that fit your individual or company criteria.

This is how it works. Lets say that you can produce any type of film but your specialty is action or comedy. You can cull our database and only populate just those deals that are in the action or comedy genre. You may have other unique and specific criteria, than you will love the flexibility of PITCH2ME!

As a Producer you may be in charge of finding the money! Here again PITCH2ME can help! Perhaps you need finishing funds, or you need bridge financing until your other resources kick-in. Just upload your project with your specific needs make a compelling pitch video and allow our investor group to come looking for you!

PITCH2ME is ideally suited for Producers that want to get all or part of the funding for their projects or looking for projects that need a great producer!


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