As a distributor, do you need high quality projects to filll your pipeline? Perhaps you would like to see what’s in development and get first look rights. Or maybe you’re looking for a co-financing arrangement with a hot young filmmaker to do Direct-to-DVD projects?

Whatever your marketing or distribution needs are, PITCH2ME can help you achieve them!

Additionally, we all know how scarce money and resources are, and you may have viable projects that you need some financing support for, this is where PITCH2ME can help!

We are developing and resourcing investors daily! Take advantage of our platform and extend your reach to our expanding network of investors by uploading your own in-house projects!

PITCH2ME can help you find distribution ready deals, co-financing opportunities and marketing (P&A) funds.
Please join and help us revolutionize how deals get done!

If this sounds like the tool for you, please send us a email request to admin@pitch2me.comt and let the revolution begin!

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