How would you like to listen to only the pitches that are bank financing ready?

Here’s our value proposition.

Pitch2me can help you:

  • Grow and retain your client base.    
  • Increase deal-flow.
  • Leverage your marketing efforts.
  • Analyze project financial potential*
  • Organize project key elements

Here’s is how we do it:

Our filmmaker client’s fill out project profiles that are organized with all the key elements (including pitch videos) you need to identify bankable deals.
You are then able to cull our database using key words in our search engine to find the right project, whether it’s a negative pick up or cash-flowing tax credits and everything in between.

Pitch2me is the place where you can make referrals of deals that are not quite ready for financing. You make the referral to us we then help the client develop their project. When its ready they can come back to you for financing and other services.

  • No more wasted time on unbankable deals.
  • No more uncomfortable turndowns without options.
  • No more client’s defections.

To request a free membership click here*
*With a paid membership to Pitch2Me Pro.



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