Liat Levy featured on RAW Natural Born Artists


Liat Levy

Founder/CEO/Head Designer

Liat Levy’s life experiences are all mixed in with her wonderful, exciting clothing designs. Born and raised in Israel, the 30-year-old beauty left her native home at the age of 20, shaved her head, and went to South America to “find” her art and an outlet for her creative spirit.

Her practical side later led Liat to earn a BA in Behavioral Science and Communication at the College of Management in Tel-Aviv, Israel, and then spend five years working in commercial real estate and land development in breathtaking Hawaii.

Still Liat’s true passion lay within the arts. A gifted painter and designer, she combined the two talents, moved to Los Angeles and began creating original fashion lines for her own company, Lila’s Fashion Joint. Says Liat, “I have a strong desire to deliver the perfect product to those souls who truly appreciate art, and who also like to look unique and hot.”


Her collection speaks for itself: The ultimate functional all day wear for women, fitted perfectly to the feminine Gr8ness.

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