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SERVING SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA - Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Orange County
Large Mammals-Birds-Insects

Wildlife Management Professionals, Inc. is a California based company that works with you to solve your animal and insect pest problems.  We bring you nearly 20 years of experience in the field of Wildlife Management and Wildlife Biology.  The service we provide is honest, reliable and affordable.  Our mission is to provide a service program using Best Management Practices (BMP) that will meet our customers’ expectations of protecting property, agriculture, human health and safety while minimizing the impact to the environment.

This company has provided wildlife management services to agricultural producers, parks, school districts, government agencies, home owners’ associations, water districts, cities, commercial industries, and private homeowners.

We are licensed to use restricted materials, state licensed in trapping, and certified in wildlife handling and restraint.  We are professionals in wildlife and pest identification, wildlife management/biology methods, damaged recognition and safety.  We will meet your highest expectations.  We guarantee results!


Animals and insects can be destructive to properties, landscapes, agriculture and natural resources.  Moreover, they are at times carriers of various zoonotic diseases that can severely compromise human health.  Hantavirus, Lyme disease and Bubonic plague, all found in California, can cause death or paralysis.  Infection by raccoon roundworm (Baylisascaris procyonis) is also a significant health concern and can lead to severe Central Nervous System disease in humans.  Moreover, in most cases, the financial losses due to wildlife and insect damage will be greater than the price of a management program.  Let us solve your wildlife or insect pest issue.


Each situation is entirely unique and no two projects are approached the same.  We package a program that is suitable for the client and the conditions.  We keep the channels of communication open with each client in order to provide what is desired, and also identify what the realistic level of capture or control is for each project.  Without good communication no management program will meet a client’s expectations.  In addition, we provide education and information with our presentation to ensure the client understands our program and we understand their expectations.


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