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Large Mammals-Birds-Insects


We provide wildlife management, wildlife biology and insect management services to agricultural producers, parks, school districts, government agencies, home owners’ associations, water districts, cities, commercial industries, and private homeowners.
We offer:

  • Population Management:  Toxicants, Trapping, Fumigants, Chemical Sterilants, Habitat Modification, Environmental Modification
  • Exclusion Methods:  Barriers/Spikes, Netting/Screening, Construction
    Modifications, Environmental Modification
  • Repellants:  Chemical, Sound Effects, Pyrotechnics, Bird Hazing and Harassment, Environmental Manipulation
  • Personal Consultation:  Complete property evaluation, including applicable non-lethal and non-invasive recommendations
  • Environmental Consulting and Research:  Track surveys, Mammal Capture and Census, Presence/Absence Surveys, Mammal, Bird, Amphibian, and Reptile surveys, Bird Capture and Census, Wildlife Hazard Assessments, Disease Surveillance, Necropsy, Data Collection, Radio telemetry, Vegetation Measurements and Sampling, Bird Air Strike Management



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