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Why should I not feed birds?
The food you put out for birds will be a magnet for avian activity.  Birds will feed, nest, leave droppings, etc. and basically take up full time residence.  In addition the food will attract squirrels during the day and rats and mice at night.  Increased rodent activity may then draw larger animals that could prey upon your pets.

Why is feeding wild animals against the law?
Most animals you feed eventually overcome their natural fear of humans.  Making unnatural food sources available to wildlife, increases their dependence and habituation to humans which eventually could lead to a biting or damage to property.

Why can't you relocate wild animals?
First and foremost, it is against the law.  When you take an urbanized animal out of its environment and release it somewhere else, you may spread diseases and parasites to a new area where they may not have previously existed.  The animal population in the new area may suffer and decline in numbers from just that one animal.  In addition, by relocating a problem animal you are in effect giving your problem to someone else.  Urban wildlife will try to find another urban area in which to forage, den and raise young.

Why should I hire a professional to do my pest control when I can buy most of the toxicants online or at the nearest hardware store?
Most people do not read the label for the proper use of the product.  Often people believe using more than the recommended dosage will increase their chances for success.  This can result in accidental poisoning of non-target animals like domestic pets or protected wildlife such as hawks and owls.  Professionals in the field know the most effective tools and products and are regulated through licensing and continuing education.  Lastly, professionals are required to maintain liability insurance for such unfortunate occurrences while most homeowners do not.

Why should I control rodents in my yard?
Rodents can carry a variety of zoonotic diseases including Salmonella, Plague, Leptospirosis, Hantavirus, and Rickettsia.  They also carry a lot of fleas and ticks. Furthermore, rodents chew on wiring causing shorts and even structure fires.

How are rodents getting into my house?
Few people know a rat can crawl through a ½ inch opening and a mouse can fit through a ¼ inch space.  Most roofs are not made to keep rodents out and provide many ways for rodents to enter.  Spaces around a garage door or the air-conditioning line coming in from the outside from the condenser offer other opportunities as well.

What is the difference between a mole and a gopher?
A mole makes a perfectly round volcano shaped mound with raised ridges/tunnels above ground leading away from the mound.  The tunnels are often next to sidewalks or hard surfaces where it looks for its food source of earth worms and insects.  A gopher makes horseshoe shaped mounds with a plug next to the mound when viewed from above. Gophers can make many mounds during their search for food, which consist of roots and above ground vegetation.

Do gophers hibernate?
No, gophers do not hibernate and are active all year even if there are no visible mounds.

When I hear coyotes howling and yipping at night does that mean they made a kill?
Coyotes do not yip and howl when they have made a kill.  They are communicating with rival packs of coyotes to mark their territory or they are trying to bond the pack together before their hunt starts.

Is it illegal to knock down a swallows nest?
Yes, it is illegal to knock down the nest after it is half finished.  The only birds that are not protected from taking a nest down are non-native English sparrows, European starlings, and pigeons.


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