The Jericho River is for James and Zachary.

Thank you to my wife, Wendy, who made all of this possible.

Thank you also to my sister, Laura Tollen, my unpaid editor. And thank you to A. A. Attanasio, Stanley Bailis, Bruce Belton, Monica Christie, Jeff Follett, Kim Greenwood, Jerry Gross (book doctor/editor extraordinaire), Robert Horowitz, Harry I. Johnson, Tom Kennedy, Laura Onopchenko, Suzanna Sahakian (my wonderful web developer), Ellen Tollen (my mom), Larry Townsend, and Neil Vanderplas.

Finally, thank you to my Kickstarter patrons, Mani Adeli, Mike Anguera, Simone Anguera, Sandra Connolly, Kathy O’Sullivan, Betty Strathman Pagett (my mother-in-law), Marc and Caroline Schuyler, and Bob Skubic—and to my prime patron, John M. Keagy.


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