Jean-Pierre Giagnoli aka MC Pierre is a wise man, a funny man, and a skinny man.

Born in Long Beach on July 7th, 1984. Two years later his father would leave his mother, brother and him on the street. His grandmother saved them from that life and took them in. Little did anyone know that he would grow up to not do much with his life. Well, he actually did a lot it just has not gotten him too much. He now does comedy at major clubs for no pay at all. He has been doing comedy and Rap for over 14 years and recently got back into Stand-Up.

Loves to act, do impressions (100+ celebrities, Presidents, accents, and cartoons), comedy and music (Rap, Hip-hop, lyricism, writing, freestyle, and music production).
Hip-Hop is one of his true passions. Growing up in Long Beach, CA he was constantly surrounded by it and it spoke to him because he witnessed the injustice the streets have to offer people with little to nothing but Hip-Hop showed him beauty can come from suffering. He has worked with different artists alongside Sony Music producer and writer Bruce "Automatic" Vanderveer.

Jean-Pierre always does unique things. He holds his PhD in Parapsychology and runs a 501(c)3 Non-profit Paranormal organization called the Southern California Paranormal Detectives. He has been featured on Haunted history and consulted for numerous paranormal shows and publications. Currently he is producing a paranormal web series called The REAL Paranormal Detectives on YouTube.


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