As a distributor do you need high quality finished products to fill out your pipeline?

Alternatively, maybe you’re looking for a co-financing arrangement?

Whatever you’re marketing or distribution needs are, Pitch2Me can help you achieve them!


This is how we do it

Our filmmaker clients upload their projects with all the key elements including pitch videos. You are then able to cull our database and look for any type of project that meets your needs.

If you are only looking for completed projects “in the can” you can use our short cut quick find feature and quickly search for only those.
Likewise you can refine your search for completed projects that also have P&A commitments attached.

Our value proposition

Price: Free to Distributors

Additional services

Upgrade to Pitch2Me Pro.

If you upgrade your membership to Pitch2Me Pro* you will have the ability to use our suite of analytical tools and run:


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If Pitch2Me sounds like the partner for you, please send us an email requesting membership: admin@pitch2me.com.

*With paid membership to Pitch2Me Pro. See our Services section.


*These tools (Pitch2Me Pro) are for estimating and modeling purposes only! Pitch2Me does not guarantee the performance of any particular project or the accuracy of each of the tools listed here.  Each project has its own characteristics (quality of production, performance, and timing etc.) therefore, it is impossible to accurately predict outcome

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