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Although it is very difficult to think about preparing for one's own death, it is important to make the decision that will best support your loved ones quickly, effectively, and with a minimum of legal fees and taxes.

Estate Planning is also very important, in case you become incapacitated; it gives you control over who will make the medical decisions.

These are matters that are better dealt with sooner than later. We know these technicalities are not easy for anyone. That is why we will do the work for you. We specialize in this area of the law, and we have extensive experience in Estate Planning.

At Elder Law Service, APC, we go out of our way to provide you with top quality wills and trusts. The finest service, and all the extras at affordable prices. Our experienced team of attorneys will look out for your interests with integrity, competency, and service excellence.

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If I have a Will, do I need a Living Trust?

Yes. A will requires the court process known as Probate. A recent study by the American Association or Retired Persons (AARP) describes probate as “costly, slow, and outmoded… [a] sad state of affairs.”
Probate is very expensive and time consuming. The probate process may take 1to 2 years or longer, during which time all of your assets are frozen and can loose value. Your family must petition the court for the use and control of your assets, i.e., a legal nightmare. With a Living Trust, these problems are completely avoided.

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