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Any Los Angeles Mortgage needs to pass The Pillow Test - if worrying about it makes you lose sleep at night…it’s not the right mortgage!

When your mortgage broker helps finance your home, that’s only the beginning of a process. You need more. For your Los Angeles mortgage to create financial security, you need a mortgage expert who can integrate it into a comprehensive economic system.

Raul Martinez understands this. An experienced Los Angeles mortgage broker, Raul is also a caring Mortgage Planner who puts together your mortgage, then works closely with his team of financial experts (or with yours) to insure the success of your total Los Angeles mortgage and investment plan.

Your Los Angeles mortgage is more than just a mortgage. It’s a vital part of your financial strategy.

Wealthy people accumulate wealth by accumulating assets that exceed their liabilities - not by paying off debt. This is especially true in the Los Angeles mortgage market, where properties have historically appreciated far beyond the national average. Fortunes can truly be made, or lost, by the Los Angeles mortgage you hold.

A great rate on the wrong loan is still a bad loan.

Raul Martinez helps you achieve a great rate on the right loan. He can help you understand and choose a Los Angeles mortgage that creates maximum asset value over the long term. He can answer any questions you have, and guide you to ask the right ones.

Raul also provides incomparable ongoing service before, during and after he puts together your Los Angeles mortgage. He keeps track of the value of your home, updating you with quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports tracking your investment progress.

A Los Angeles mortgage plan designed and managed with your future in mind.

A Los Angeles mortgage broker and planner with years of experience, Raul is also a former lawyer with a degree in engineering. He combines his Los Angeles mortgage expertise with a wealth of legal and negotiating savvy and the ability to draft complex yet easily understood financial blueprints. This allows you to take full advantage of the potential value of your Los Angeles mortgage. 

But there is even more to Raul’s Los Angeles mortgage broker service. Through his Success By Design Professional Partnership Program, Raul has access to experts in every aspect of financial planning to bring your Los Angeles mortgage investment to the next level. And he offers educational seminars to give you the knowledge you need to create the security you crave. 

You’ll sleep soundly, secure that your Los Angeles mortgage is always working for you.

Although we are located in Los Angeles, we provide mortgage services in Los Angeles, in California and all around the United States.

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