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Raul D. Martinez Raul was born and raised by his mother in Redlands, California. From a very young age, Raul’s mother taught him to have a strong work ethic, juggling Boy Scouts, Little League baseball, and school work. This trend continued into high school, where Raul achieved the rank of Eagle Scout while balancing Advanced Placement classes and playing on his high school’s football and wrestling teams.

Among these diverse activities, Raul developed a strong interest in his math and science courses. This interest, combined with the influence of Raul’s Scout Master (who was an engineer for Southern California Edison), led Raul to begin applying to some of the top engineering schools in the country.

Ultimately, Raul faced a difficult decision between attending the U.S. Air Force Academy and Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California. Raul eventually chose Harvey Mudd College, where he played football and rugby and explored many of the different career paths that an engineering degree could offer. After much searching, Raul discovered the possibility of becoming a patent attorney, and he proceeded to the University of Utah to attend law school.

Upon graduation from law school, Raul returned to California, where he practiced law for almost four years, helping companies such as Intel and Johnson & Johnson protect their inventions and other intellectual creations. While practicing law, Raul developed an increasing interest in the world of real estate that he could not ignore.

Eventually, Raul left the practice of law and began investing in real estate. Raul enjoyed real estate investing so much that he began helping other people evaluate real estate investment opportunities.

After analyzing a real estate development project for one of Joe Chatham’s family members, Joe offered Raul a position at Chatham Street Mortgage Services as a mortgage planner. Raul jumped at the chance to help other people analyze and strategically structure their mortgage financing, which is one of the most important financing choices people make during their lifetime.

Although Raul initially focused on financing owner-occupied, residential properties, his client base had an increasing number of investment-minded people who wanted to purchase investment properties or who wanted to use equity in their home to create additional wealth in other investment vehicles.

Thus, Raul has developed a network of strategic partners, including financial planners, estate planning attorneys, and tax and real estate professionals, to assist his clients that are focused on creating and managing wealth. In addition, Raul has added commercial mortgage planning to the range of services he offers to his clientele as another avenue to create wealth.

Raul lives in Santa Monica, California, with his wife, Kelly. In his spare time, Raul enjoys taking Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes, working on his instrument rating for his private pilot certificate, working on his real estate development projects, and learning about new investment opportunities.

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