My own history as an animal communicator:

More than twenty years ago, I was living a regular life in London and working successfully in the very concrete, exacting world of finance. My beloved dogs were living with my mother, with a continent and an ocean between us.

Mysteriously, I awoke in the middle of the night, feeling deep, inexplicable grief. The spirit of my dear pet, Peanut, was there, in the room with me. She had come to say goodbye. She told me that she had passed on peacefully in her sleep and that she loved me. She also let me know that I had a gift to communicate with animals and other beings on a spiritual level and that she was not going to leave until I began to make use of it.

My mother confirmed that Peanut had passed about the time she had come to see me. I was shaken by the experience, so different from the world I was living in at the time, but I knew in my heart it was real and that Peanut was telling me the truth.

In time I embraced the gift of animal communication, with gratitude for Peanut’s willingness to help me learn how to use it.

I feel honored to be able to act as an intermediary and communicator between the world of animals and the world of humans. To connect the world of spirit with the world we see every day and to know how magical and beautiful that world really is. Because, the truth is, these worlds are one and the same.