What is animal communication?

“There is NO interspecies energy that separates us spiritually.”
-Billy, 13 year-old Dachshund

Communication is an exchange of energy that exists wherever there is life. All beings communicate with each other, including animals and humans. Often we think we are incapable of understanding each other, but the truth is simpler and easier than you might imagine.

We are all capable of connecting without words. We do it with Nature through the communication of our senses as they interact with the environment. We listen to music, feel the wind, or stop to smell the roses. Before we THINK about any of these sense perceptions, we experience FEELING itself.  In these instances, the thinking mind is not the gatekeeper of our perception. Instead, we are directly engaged with the language of the heart; the language of sensation, direct perception, vision and imagination.

This same language is the one that bonds us with our animals. They communicate and understand in a language that is very directly connected with the NOW, with the language of feeling and image.  As we gain knowledge and experience, the meanings of this language become clear to us. We can attune to them using this language combined with our discriminating mind and learn to understand and communicate with them.

The Benefits of Animal Communication:

“Why do people worry so much about doing? Why don’t they know how to simply be?”
-Roxy, 7 year-old cat

Believe me, we have as much to learn from our animals as they have from us. As humans, our energies are often fractured, misspent or misdirected. We spend a lot of time in the mind, to the detriment of our hearts. Our animals know this. They feel it and because they cannot communicate to us directly, they often suffer emotionally, psychologically or spiritually.

What animals can teach us is the freedom to feel and express ourselves as well as the courage to be true to our nature. This is often their purpose in our lives. Because they are so directly in the NOW, they are often aware of what is most important in life.

The benefit of animal communication is that they can share that knowledge with us. It also gives us a chance to give back some of the unconditional love that they give so readily. Of course it also can help us find out when they are in need of our help, when they are sick and what might be wrong or how we can all get along better in the household.  Much like children, pets often absorb a lot of our stress and can reflect that back in their behavior or health issues. They also need us to understand their individual personalities. Just like people, their personalities can be very diverse and their needs are, accordingly different.

Why Hire an Animal Communicator?

Improve understanding and respect. When there is open and honest communication, animals, like people, thrive. Behavior problems can be understood and dealt with. If considering adoption, you'll have a better idea if your new animal companion will do well in your environment.

An animal communicator can get information that will allow a more complete profile of your animal’s health and psychological/emotional issues. This information can improve your veterinarian's ability to diagnose and treat your pet more accurately.

Communicate changes in the household, such as a prospective move or new baby, to eliminate behavioral changes related to stress and fear.

If considering euthanasia for an ill or elderly pet, you can hear whether or not your pet is ready to move on. Sometimes they are and sometimes they have work they still want to do.

Find out your pet’s comfort level with caregivers, such as kennels or pet sitters, etc.

Uncover reasons for unusual or uncharacteristic behavior by your pet, such as anxiety, aggression or fear.

As an animal communicator, all my sessions are live and interactive, so that you and your pets can ask questions of each other and come to an understanding. It’s much like a conversation between people. Sessions can take place over the phone. In the world of spirit, I can connect remotely. I can also connect to animals that have passed over, if they are still close to you. The realm of spirit does not have exactly the same rules as our material one, but the language of the heart is universal.

“What is more important in us than the soul?”
-Sascha, 5 year-old Himalayan cat